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IPL Bluelight Acne Photofacial

IPL photofacials use intense pulses of light that penetrate deep into the skin, designed to reduce redness, pigmentation and wrinkles


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What is IPL Blue Light Treatments for Acne?

IPL Photofacials treatments for acne uses intense pulses of blue light killing the bacteria that causes acne and forms in the sebaceous cysts while reducing the inflammation and redness. For acne sufferers whose skin has become resistant to creams or pills, or for those whose skin reacts negatively to the often-harsh topical treatments. It can be administered through several sessions of 30 minutes each. Most experience no pain and can go back to daily activity immediately.


IPL Harmony Photofacial Treatment Face or Décolleté

(face or décolleté)


IPL Harmony Photofacial Treatment – Neck or Hands

(neck and hands)


IPL Harmony Acne Photofacial Treatment

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