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Clarity® Nd-Yag Laser

Our Clarity® Nd-Yag Laser is the most advanced Laser Hair Removal machine available today. Hair removal treatments are quick and virtually painless due to a wonderful cryogen-cooled pulse while being treated. Using our Clarity™ facial and body hair are permanently removed in far fewer sessions than traditional laser hair removal. Hands down, the best technology for the sensitive Brazilian/Manzilian areas. Getting smooth has never been this easy.

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What is there to love about this cosmetic laser for hair removal and more?

The appeal of this particular laser is its shorter treatment time and noticeable results for laser hair removal, among other procedures it may be used for. It can also reduce the number of additional skin procedures you may have to do in order to see desired results. Another feature that speeds up this procedure is that ice packs are not required to cool the skin. Instead, there is a built-in cooling device that speeds up the treatment session and makes the procedure more comfortable for our patients.

This laser is not limited to just one skin type; it has been proven to have effective results on multiple different skin types.

As a clinic, we grealty enjoy using this laser as it allows us to work more efficiently and makes our treatment process more flexible by using one laser machine rather than multiple to achieve the results our clients are looking for.

What can the Clarity™ laser be used for?

Laser hair removal
Razor bumps (ingrown hairs and folliculitis)
Spider veins
Sun spots
Brown marks (combined with other lasers)
Photofacial treatments

How does the Clarity™ work for laser hair removal?

Like many other laser devices, the Clarity Laser Hair Removal sends an intense beam of light absorbed by the skin’s hair follicles. Heat is then converted to effectively burn the hair follicle rendering it unable to grow new hair.

While this occurs, a blast of cool air from the machine’s built-in cooling device will make the initial heat delivery painless. Your skin may appear slightly red and tingly after the procedure. This can last from a few minutes to several hours. Hair will start falling out but regrow in the area after the treatment. Gradually, there will be less and less hair regrowth after each treatment, and you should expect a 15-20% permanent reduction in hair over the treated area.

How many treatments does the Clarity™ laser take to achieve permanent hair removal?

The number of treatments you require depends on the condition of your skin. That is why it is critical to have a consultation before your treatment. Three areas, in particular, may affect your laser treatment are;

1)Skin pigment
2) Coarseness of hair
3)Amount of hair in the area of treatment

Typically laser hair treatments with the Clarity Laser can take from as little as four treatments to twelve or more. Body hair is reduced after every treatment. However, it’s still based on your hair’s growth cycle. This is why we schedule treatments for this procedure 4-8 weeks apart.



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