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Clarity™ Nd-Yag Laser

Our Clarity™ Nd-Yag Laser allows us much greater control over each client’s treatment compared to other lasers. We can switch wavelengths and intensity, ensuring that you receive the maximum possible results while keeping your skin safe. Can treat all skin types and colors effectively and safely, even the darkest of skins, and usually with fewer treatments to completion! Our Clarity™ Nd-Yag Laser hair Removal treatments come with a built-in cryogenic spray that instantly cools the treated skin which makes each pass of the laser considerably more comfortable—even without topical anesthetic.

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Hair Removal Small Area

chin, upper lip, toes, knees, underarms, spot.


Hair Removal Medium Area

face, underarms, bikini, ab line, upper chest, shoulders


Hair Removal Large Area

full arms, upper or lower legs, abdomen, buttocks


Brazilian or Manzilian

full removal



Full Circle Skin Consultation

We believe that every individual is unique and that treatments should be specifically designed to meet each person’s needs and expectations. That is why Ottawa MediSPA Orleans offers complimentary Skin Consultations to help you find the Product, Service, or Treatment Plan that is right for you. At Ottawa MediSPA Orleans, we encourage you to love your every age. Come see what we have to offer – you deserve it.