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Skin Tag & Irregularities Removal

These treatments use a high frequency electrical current that deliver a precise spark of electric current through a micro-probe to desiccate, dehydrate and cauterize skin growths.

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What is Skin Tag & Irregularities Removal?

A safe, non-invasive treatment that permanently removes unsightly skin growths from your face and body usually in just one session! Results can be seen immediately and are permanent. There is no blood associated with the treatment. The area is in fact, dehydrated, and a scab replaces the area where the growth originated. From this point on, new skin cells start regenerating from underneath. This machine is AMAZING!!! Over and over again, we just keep getting amazing results from it! 

How does it work?

The Skin Tag Removal & Skin Irregularity Treatments uses a high frequency electrical current that delivers a precise spark of electric current through a micro-probe to desiccate, dehydrate and cauterize skin growths. During the procedure the micro-probe remains above the skin surface; it does not penetrate the skin. As the growth is removed, a natural protective coating known as a scab develops that covers the treated area. The scab will fall off usually within 7-10 days and be replaced by healthy new skin cells and will gradually take on the color of the surrounding tissue. In most cases, there is no visible indication of the previous growth.

How does it differ from liquid Nitrogen?

The Skin Tag Removal & Skin Irregularity Treatments is usually more effective than liquid Nitrogen in removing skin growths. Frequently, more than one application of liquid Nitrogen is needed to remove a growth, whereas only one Skin Eraser treatment is usually necessary. Also, Skin Eraser treatments are less expensive and no risk of over treating the growth. The micro-probe is very precise.

Are skin growths safe to remove?

In most cases, skin growths are non-cancerous and can be safely removed. The treatment is performed by a professional, certified technician who has been trained to identify the different types of skin growths appropriate for the treatment. All treatments are performed using the strictest sanitary procedures.

Is the treatment permanent?

Yes! Once a skin growth has been treated with the Skin Eraser it does not return. However, if your skin is prone to these types of growths, new ones may appear elsewhere on your face and body.

Benefits of the "Skin Eraser"

  • Virtually Painless
  • Immediate, Permanent Results
  • No Bleeding
  • Superficially dries and dehydrates the Skin at the Epidermal Level
  • Excellent Results
  • One Time Treatment
  • Private and Convenient
  • Fully Insured Technician
  • Fast & Reliable for recurring irregularities

What areas can be treated?

  • Skin tags (clear or pigmented)
  • Fibromas (brown to purplish bumps usually on legs)
  • Seborrheic or actinic keratoses (brownish scaly rough patches)
  • Cherry angiomas (red vascular blister type moles either flat or raised)
  • Freckles (some lighter and superficial beauty marks can be removed or lightened)
  • Cholesterol deposits (white or off white fatty deposits on or under the eye lids)
  • Sebaceous hyperlasia (yellowish white donut shaped clogged oil gland)
  • Broken capillaries (fine facial red lines)
  • Spider nevus (central blood arterial with radiating thin-walled vessels)
  • Milia (hard white bump known as epstein’s pearls, also referred to as a milk bump or oil seed under the skin)
  • Hyper pigmentation (light to dark sun damage)
  • Age spots (light to dark)
  • Clogged pores or clogged hair follicles
  • Plantar warts (some mild to med cases)
  • Birth marks (client dependent)

Who should not receive Electro Coagulation?

You are not a good candidate if you have: cancer, HIV positive, a pace maker or similar cardiac (heart) device; have a history or present diagnosis of epilepsy (seizures); are pregnant; have an allergy to metals, specifically nickel, are diabetic (insulin) or take anticoagulants.

Skin Irregularities

Complimentary consultation require for suitability and pricing.

At Ottawa Medispa Orleans

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