Waxing is a fantastic solution for your hair removal needs. We offer head-to-toe waxing services so no matter where you need smooth, hairless skin, we’ve got it covered.

We believe that every individual is unique, and that treatment should be specifically designed to meet each person’s needs and expectations.

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We offer our clients two waxing hair removal options to fit individual needs: soft and hard wax. For the best results, regular waxing hair removal treatments are recommended every 4-6 weeks for fewer and finer hair regrowth.

Body Waxing

Face Waxing

Male Waxing

Upper Lip$15
Neck (Front or Back)$25
Face (Half)$45
Face (Full)$55
Eyebrow Waxing$20

Chest and Stomach$45
Back (Half)$30
Back (Full)$45
Hands & Fingers$25
Arms (Upper)$30
Arms (Lower, Including Hands & Fingers)$30
Arms (Full, Including Hands & Fingers)$40

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Abdominal Line$25
Bikini (Extended)$40
Brazilian (Including LA)$55
Brazilian Maintenance (Every 4-5 Weeks)$50
Legs (Upper – Above the Knee)$40
Legs (Lower – Including Feet and Toes)$40
Legs (Full – Including Feet and Toes)$60
Inner Thigh$25
Full Leg and Bikini$80
Full Leg and Extended Bikini$90
Full Leg and Brazilian$100
Feet and Toes$25

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Ab Line$25
Legs (Upper – Above the Knee)$40
Legs (Lower – Including Feet and Toes)$40
Legs (Full – Including Feet and Toes)$60
Back and Shoulders$65
Chest and Stomach$40

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What Is Waxing?

Waxing is a semi-permanent hair removal solution that extracts body hair directly from the root. Waxing is performed by spreading a thin layer of wax over the treatment area, applying a paper strip over the wax and adhering both the strip to the wax and the wax to the skin, and rapidly ripping away the strip and wax against the direction of hair growth.

Hard Wax

Hard wax is a type of wax that adheres to the hair follicle (versus the skin). It is removed by hand eliminating the need for paper strips. This type of waxing is best for smaller, delicate areas of the body.

Soft Wax

Soft wax is applied with a disposable spatula and adheres to the hair and skin before it is removed with a paper strip. Soft wax is the most commonly used waxing method as it can be used on the face and body.

What exactly is a Manzillian? A Male Version of a Brazilian Wax!

Curious about what happens when a man gets a Manzilian wax?  Well good for you! A healthy curiosity is a safe place to start when the idea of a bald privates is on the table. But let’s be clear: Even though the male Manzilian sounds…intimidating, it’s also no different than the procedure the brave women who descend on their waxing services undergo when they have the hair removed from their private bikini regions.

Body hair grooming is a pretty standard part of the proverbial men’s grooming tool kit, you have the ability (and the prerogative) to take off as much as your heart desires. But you don’t just waltz into a waxing session and say, “Make me look as naked as the day I was born” without knowing your plan of action. There is a process, some options for your style, and ultimately a way to take care of your hairless down-under without hating yourself for three days.

How Does It Help?

Waxing semi-permanently removes hair from numerous treatment areas. Generally, hair growth will not start again for 4-6 weeks following waxing. Along with providing for a lengthy amount of time before experiencing hair re-growth, waxing also promotes softer re-growth when areas are waxed over longer periods of time. Waxing allows you to experience flawless skin that looks great in anything, helps you feel fresher, cleaner, and more confident, and requires minimal effort from you while providing wonderful results.

What Areas Can Be Treated?

Waxing can be performed on any part of your body that has hair on it. We provide waxing on eyebrows, legs, underarms, bikini line, neck, face, upper lip, cheeks, chin, areola, chest, stomach, back, shoulders, feet and toes, arms and hands, abdomen, buttocks, and other areas upon request.

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Full Circle Skin Consultation

We believe that every individual is unique, and that treatments should be specifically designed to meet each person’s needs and expectations. That is why Ottawa MediSPA Orleans offers complimentary Skin Consultations to help you find the Product, Service or Treatment Plan that is right for you. At Ottawa MediSPA Orleans, we encourage you to love your every age. Come see what we have to offer – you deserve it.

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