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Brow Tattooing

Semi-permanent brow makeup pigment application using fine manually drawn hair strokes in the eyebrows.

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Also known as Brow Tattooing, Microblading s a form of semi-permanent makeup application where hair strokes are manually drawn into the eyebrows. The pigment is implanted into the surface layer of the dermis (skin) and will typically last from 1-3 years. Microblading is not recommended for very oily skin types as hair strokes will eventually blend together over time. Microblading can be performed in many custom color shades using fine Italian inks. Clients must take care while brows are healing while following the treatment. Save time and wake up with beautiful brows!

Consultation required for all brow tattooing


Nano Brows

Nano Brow hair strokes are performed with a unique machine rather than a hand tool, to gently inject the pigment more consistently in the eyebrow skin, for longer-lasting results. Nano brows can also provide a more natural-looking brow with finer strokes.

Consultation required for all brow tattooing



Full Circle Skin Consultation

We believe that every individual is unique and that treatments should be specifically designed to meet each person’s needs and expectations. That is why Ottawa MediSPA Orleans offers complimentary Skin Consultations to help you find the Product, Service, or Treatment Plan that is right for you. At Ottawa MediSPA Orleans, we encourage you to love your every age. Come see what we have to offer – you deserve it.