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PRFX Detoxifying Facial

We provide both signature and advanced facial services tailored to exceed your specific needs for your skin type. Relax and rejuvenate your skin today


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Perfect Mini Fix Facial

If you aren’t entirely sure what type of facial treatments might be best for you, or are interested in learning more about your unique skincare needs, Perfect Mini Fix Facials are a great place to start. This facial treatment is a great educational tool for anyone who wants to find out more about their skin, learn home care tips, and learn about helpful skincare products and treatments.

Perfect Fix Facial

We recognize that all skin types are different and should be treated with this in mind; that’s why all of our Perfect Fix Facials are uniquely tailored to meet individual skin conditions & other care needs. The Perfect Fix Facial includes a deep soothing cleanse that contains a mild but refreshing exfoliant. This powerful combination enhances the overall look and feel of your skin and leaves you feeling richly rejuvenated and restored.

Detoxifying Acne Facial

The Detoxifying Acne Facial is an excellent facial treatment option for anyone looking to clear up unwanted blemishes and improve the overall condition of acne-prone skin. These facials use nutrient-rich products and detoxifying mud to renew congested skin by removing impurities and encouraging smoother, more radiant skin.

PRFX Perfect Mini Fix Facial

(30 min)


PRFX Perfect Fix Facial

(45 min)


PRFX Detoxifying Facial

(60 min)


About Medical Services

When it comes to chemical peels, what can I expect from Ottawa MediSpa's Service?

We offer 3 different kinds of Chemical Peels to cater to every client’s skin concern. All our peels are FDA Approved and non-invasive. All our peels are administered by a skin care specialist trained and skilled in skin observation while undergoing a peel treatment for optimal results.

Do I need to prepare for my chemical peel treatment?

We recommend a week prior to treatment, no use of retinol products, exfoliating acids, scrubs, sun exposure, tweezing, waxing, depilatory or prescription creams. All regular skincare routines may resume 2 weeks after a Chemical Peel treatment.

What is the recovery period?

Depending on the customized peel, recovery times are usually 5-14 days. Chemical Peels can vary also depending on the ingredients used as some peels are considered micro peels which usually have no actual shedding of the skin. Some of our Chemical Peels have no downtime or recovery time at all.

Are chemical peels painful?

No, Chemical Peels often result in a slight itching, tightness, dryness or slight sunburn feeling while healing. These are easily remedied with extra moisture and subsides with the healing process.

Are there any risks involved with chemical peels?

When receiving a Chemical Peel clients may experience minor swelling, a shedding of the skin which must be allowed to happen naturally. Clients are encouraged not to pick as the skin peels to avoid any scarring. There is a risk to clients who choose to expose their skin to sun exposure which is not recommended. Clients are provided after care instructions which helps to minimize any risks.

At Ottawa Medispa Orleans

We believe that every individual is unique and that treatments should be specifically designed to meet each person’s needs and expectations. That is why Ottawa MediSPA Orleans offers complimentary Skin Consultations to help you find the Product, Service, or Treatment Plan that is right for you. At Ottawa MediSPA Orleans, we encourage you to love your every age. Come see what we have to offer – you deserve it.

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